Benefits and Features:

  • Advanced Cleaning: The Xiaomi F300 uses a high-pressure water jet for deep and effective cleaning between teeth, removing residue and plaque with ease.

  • Multi-effect nozzle: The cloud sense nozzle provides thorough cleaning, covering hard-to-reach areas, ensuring thorough oral hygiene.

  • Versatility: With the standard mouthpiece and the orthodontic mouthpiece, the device meets different needs, making it ideal for users with orthodontic appliances.

  • Fast Charging: Type-C charging cable allows fast charging in about 4 hours, ensuring continuous use without interruptions.

  • Water Resistance: With an IPX7 rating, the F300 is water resistant, allowing safe use in the shower and making the device easier to clean.

Perfect your Oral Hygiene Routine with the Xiaomi F300 Water Jet!

Offers an advanced cleaning experience for impeccable oral hygiene. Get yours now and take your dental care routine to a new level of excellence!

Product Parameters:

  • Working Voltage: 3.7V
  • Working Power: 12W
  • Nominal Input: 5V=1A
  • Charging Time: About 4 hours
  • Waterproofing Degree: IPX7
  • Product Size: (bare metal) 210.9×74.3×50.8mm (±2.0mm)

Packing list:

  • Body: 1 unit
  • Cloud Sense Multi-effect Mouthpiece: 1 unit
  • Standard Nozzle: 1 unit
  • Orthodontic Mouthpiece: 1 unit
  • Guide Card: 1 unit
  • Manual: 1 unit
  • Type-C Charging Cable: 1 unit
  • Nozzle Storage Box: 1 unit

F300 Electric Dental Floss
Innovative clock, 7 times clean without burning
1. Innovative parachute pulse technology
2. Cleaning 7 times more efficient
3. The 3-second crescendo is easy to use
4. 240mL large water tank
5, 4-speed drilling mode
6. Battery life up to 115 days
It's hard to choose a floss and it's hard to balance cleanliness and gentleness
1. Big momentum is easy to bleed
2. The small impulse is not complete
3. Thin water column is difficult to align

Innovative umbrella pulse technology, 7x cleaner*no stinging*
Umbrella pulse technology, point-shaped water flow and circular water cascade,
The double-layer cleaning power is gentle and cleans the triangular area.
High frequency pulse 2000 times/min
99.4% plaque removal rate*
1. The water column of the umbrella's inner handle can effectively clean the space between the teeth

2. The outdoor umbrella sprays the water curtain, Yunrou washes the gum line

7 times the cleaning coverage area, 47%* water flow smoothness,
comfortable and does not harm the gums
1. F300 umbrella shoots double-layer water flow, gum line + interdental space
2. Ultra-fine, focused water flow, single point between teeth
3. Umbrella jet double-layer water flow technology,
the soft water curtain does not hurt your gums
4. Water column with ultra-fine pulses, unique focus on gum discomfort

3-second rising mode, anti-start, easy to control for beginners
With a newly updated 3-second crescendo, the water flow changes from weak to strong,
preventing bleeding and damage to the gums, making it easier to use for beginners.

4 cleaning modes, customized teeth cleaning program to satisfy different needs

4 modes to meet the needs of different stages of users, from beginners to experienced users
experienced users.
1. Gentle mode: suitable for beginners with fragile gums
2. Standard mode: getting better, daily cleaning between teeth
3. Strong mode: intensive users, deep oral cleaning
4. Massage mode: Massage gums to relieve gum swelling and pain

3 types of customized nozzles, meticulously cared for different groups of people
01: Cloud sense multi-effect mouthpiece
Comfortable and clean, beginners can brush their teeth
02: Standard nozzle
Strong water discharge, not afraid to point deeply
03: Orthodontic mouthpiece
Rinsing during brushing, cleaning the device is really effective

Upgraded 240ml large capacity water tank, to wash your entire mouth at once
Upgrade large-capacity water tank, which is 20% larger than the previous generation

previous generation*, and can perform a meticulous and complete cleaning of teeth
of water, without adding water halfway through.

Battery lasting 115 days without frequent charging
Can be fully charged in 4 hours*, can be used for 115 days* in gentle mode,
and can be used for 55 days* in normal mode, without frequent charging.
One button to open the bottom, easy to clean, no dead angles
Vertically integrated body, the bottom can be opened with one button,
Easy to disassemble and assemble, and there are no dead spots for cleaning.
Small two-color swan *CP
Couple matching colors, double the romance
CP's unique sense of washing ceremony, crowned by appearance, is ideal for TA.

1. The smart chip protects the gums safely, and the thrust is stable, refusing to fluctuate.
2. The slender swan neck is easy for girls' small hands to hold.

3. Nozzle storage box is equipped as standard, which is more hygienic to isolate dust.
4. 2 minutes shut-off to avoid dry burns even if you forget to turn it off.
5. The whole body is IPX7 waterproof, safe to use and wash with confidence.

Flosser operating steps
01: Install the nozzle
02: Fill with water
03: Select mode before booting
04: The mouthpiece is close to the tooth surface and the space between the teeth
05: Turn on and brush your teeth
06: Move slowly along the gum line

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